Going, Going, GoneVegetarian!

If we don’t change, we don’t grow.  If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.
                Gail Sheehy

Over the past 30 years Phipps has gone through many changes. The first big one was back in the early 90’s when we evolved from a bakery into a bakery café and began cooking up delicious food items to accompany our glorious sweets. Bringing in more ovens and more bakers felt like a huge achievement.
(Hey! those big ovens are heavy!).
Developing our new line of breads was another milestone. Switching to organically shade-grown, fair trade coffee was a sigh of relief and deciding to use free roam Mennonite eggs in our recipes was cause for elation. And we’re not done yet.

In celebration of our 30th year in business we’re taking the plunge and are officially going vegetarian!
Yes, this means saying goodbye to chicken, goodbye to fish and embracing all that legumes, quinoa and vegan marshmallows have to offer.

We know what you’re thinking…  “WHAT? No more tuna and apricot salad? Shut the barn door!”

Don't fret sweet friends! Yes, we're bidding adieu to some of our beloved classics,
however, we're enthusiastically embarking on new culinary adventures;
starting a brand new chapter in this great cookbook that is our lives.

We promise you: all this change is going to be delicious.