Welcome to Phipps

a bakery cafe on the Eglinton way

Come on in and see why our desserts take the cake. Savour some good, honest food, and delight in our sweet as pie service. We're baking up a storm and hope to see you soon. 

The Real Deal

The decision was made long ago to produce a fresh, perishable product without the addition of artificial preservatives. Both our sweet and savory products are always all-natural, with no mixes or additives, and all made from scratch right here at our little bakery on Eglinton. 

Our Promise

We work hard to be sure you are happy with our product and the service that we provide to you.  If you are not satisfied in any way, please let us know.

Lots of Buzz

From award-winning butter tarts, to our famous Mom's Chocolate Layer Cake, Phipps has been inspiring Toronto with our delectable old-fashioned baked fare for over 25 years. We're flattered by all of the praise from our fans! 


Phone & E-mail

(416) 481-9111


420 Eglinton Ave W
Toronto, ON M5N 1A2


Monday- Saturday
8:30am - 6:00pm

10:00am - 5:00pm


All of our cakes are made with love and other fine ingredients like real cream, imported chocolate and fresh butter. 

Small Cakes: 8", serve 6-8 people $31.99-$36.99 & Large Cakes: 10", serve 12-16 people  $56.99-$58.99
Divine Cakes: Small $24.99/Large $42.99   Coffeecakes: Bundt style $19.99

Apple Divine

Rich butter cake baked with apples tossed in cinnamon and brown sugar. Also available in blueberry. 

Banana Colada

Moist banana cake layered and topped with coconut, pecans and caramel. 


Sweet, moist layers of banana cake iced in a cream cheese frosting. Topped with crunchy banana chips and splashes of chocolate ganache. 

Birthday Cake

Luscious vanilla cake iced in the creamiest vanilla frosting and decorated with colourful confetti.


Great for afternoon tea or as a light dessert. Your choice of Apple
or Blueberry. 

Cappuccino Chiffon

Layers of light chiffon cake, topped with chocolate espresso mousse and wrapped in chocolate.

Caramel Shock O' Nut

A pecan, caramel and coconut concoction tops our decadent chocolate cake.

Casual Carrot

Moist cake laden with oranges, spices and raisins. Topped with our homemade spiced walnuts.


Choose from Caramel, Chocolate Fudge, Apple, Rocky Road, or Perfectly

Chocolate Banana

Dense banana cake and our fabulous chocolate cake layered and iced in chocolate fudge frosting. 

Chocolate Carrot

Chocolate icing and moist carrot cake all topped off with cinnamon candied walnuts.

Dad's Chocolate

Dark, dense chocolate cake iced in our creamy vanilla buttercream frosting. 

Flourless Chocolate

Rich and decadent, our gluten-free flourless chocolate cake is topped with a rolled chocolate and milk chocolate curls. 

Jolta Java

A jolt of coffee, caramel and chocolate all in one. Not your typical coffee cake. 

Lemon Chiffon

Light layers of moist chiffon cake with tart lemon curd. Iced in lemon buttercream and topped with chunks of meringue. 

Lemon Coconut Snowball

Vanilla cake, homemade lemon curd and creamy coconut frosting all wrapped in shredded coconut.

Lemon Cream

Layers of lemon curd, white chocolate mousse, and delicate chiffon cake iced in lemon buttercream and topped with fluffy white chocolate curls. 

Lemon Escapade

Layers of lemon soaked pound cake, lemon curd, meringue and lemon buttercream all topped with meringue pieces.

Lemon Meringue 

Layers of crunchy meringue, luscious, tangy lemon buttercream, and our tart homemade lemon curd.  Also available in Mocha flavour. 

Lemon Raspberry

Layers of white cake with lemon curd and raspberry coulis. All iced in tangy lemon buttercream. Serve with our homemade raspberry coulis.

Marble Galaxy

Layers of chocolate and vanilla intermingled with vanilla buttercream and chocolate fudge frosting. 

Mardi Gras

Layers of chocolate cake, meringue and fudge frosting, all iced in caramel buttercream. 

Mom's Chocolate Layer Cake

Simply the best chocolate layer cake ever. Rich, dense chocolate cake iced in a fudge frosting.

Monkey Business

Banana cake iced in a creamy peanut butter frosting. Topped with toasted peanuts and banana slices. 

Party Moms

Our chocolate layer cake dressed and ready to party.

Park Avenue Chocolate Mousse

Decadent gluten- free chocolate sponge cake, covered in Belgian chocolate mousse. Decorated with white chocolate curls.

Really Vanilly 2.0

Our vanilla cake iced in a milk chocolate icing topped with colourful confetti.

Red Velvet

Dark chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting. Topped with maraschino cherries. 

Reese's Peanut Butter 

Chocolate cake in our peanut frosting.

Step Dad's

Chocolate cake in a milk chocolate icing.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Works for a smoothie so why not for a cake! Banana cake with a chunky strawberry frosting. 

Strawberry Vanilla

Our moist vanilla cake iced in our strawberry buttercream. Topped with colourful confetti.


Fudgey chocolate cake iced in a  strawberry buttercream, just like a chocolate dipped strawberry!

Vanilla Fudge

Our luscious vanilla cake layered with fudge frosting, finished with buttercream and topped with chocolate frosting. 


Getting Married?   Having a Big Party?  

Weddings & Parties

We specialize in larger cakes for weddings and events. Please call us at 416-481-9111 to make an appointment to discuss and even try some samples. Delivery is available for wedding cakes only. Here is a guide to sizing. 



Small Pie: 8", serves 4-6 people, Large Pie: 11", serves 10 people

Apple Crumble

Flaky pastry baked with fresh apples, cinnamon and sugar and topped wtih butter crumble. 

Chocolate Pecan Pie

An award winner! Pecan pie baked in a chocolate crust and topped with fudge frosting. 

Caramel Pecan

Brown sugar and butter filling baked with toasted pecans and topped with homemade caramel. 

Cranberry Pecan

Traditional pecan pie with the addition of tangy cranberries. 

Fruit Pies 

Lattice-style fruit pies are available in Strawberry Rhubarb; Raspberry; and Blueberry


Keylime mousse pie heaped into a chocolate pastry crust. 

Lemon Mousse

Coconut meringue shell filled with a lemony white chocolate mousse. Gluten free. 

Lemon Shortbread
Tangy lemon filling baked in a buttery shortbread crust. 

Traditional Pumpkin

The perfect blend of spices, fresh pumpkin and cream makes the a holiday favourite. 

Traditional Pumpkin II

Our traditional pumpkin pie topped with our very own cinnamon spiced pumpkin seeds. 

Double-Crust Pies 

Pies with a double crust include Apple; Cherry; Apple Raspberry; Peach and Peach 'n Blueberry. 





Holiday Menus

We have treats for holiday occasions year-round! Our prices vary by size; small cakes & pies generally serve 5-6 (small) and 8-10 (large).  Desserts with one price are only available in one size.